From toes up, a mother and daughter life time partnership

Barbara Giaclina who has always been inspired by iconic women of the 50’s, couldn’t find ballerina shoes matching her wishes. Knowing that Magali’s childhood had been less about Barbie and all about shoes, Barbara discussed her thoughts with her daughter. They decided to join forces and launch their own design, LOLO. 

Barbara and Magali set up their atelier in the cosy basement of their family house in the woods, where the story is still being written…

LOLO, simple but distinctive, synonymous with definitive femininity.  A solar name reminiscent of Italy, Magali’s origin and Barbara’s roots, where the shoes are handcrafted.

LOLO reflects the charm and elegance of it’s designers, a collection created from the heart. Barbara & Magali strive to capture the essence of a shoe and the purity of each style. Contrasts and harmony: with meticulously selected leathers in a delicate rainbow of colours, extraordinary textures & prints and detailed embellishments, LOLO creates a subtle play of contrasts which adds the subdued elegance of the collection.  

LOLO is 10 and growing, the brainchild of two minds coming together in life and work. A combination of dream and reality continues to drive the brand.