Our Story

2006 was the beginning of a wonderful Belgian dancing love story. Lolo Ballerina is so much more than an ordinary ballerina, it is - today more than ever before - the basis of a modern woman’s wardrobe and can be worn at any moment of the day at any age; whatever your mood of the day, you wear it either chique, sporty, dressy, fashionable, stylish or nonchalant. Lolo’s are inspiring, they make us feel so feminine and magic, amorous and mysterious, they make us move and walk differently. 

LOLO, simple but distinctive, synonymous with definitive femininity. A solar name reminiscent of Italy, Barbara’s roots, where the shoes are handcrafted.

Barbara carefully selects the soft, souple leather in Italy where the natural tanning process is done in a rainbow of splendid colours. Those very special shades in nappa, suede, laminato and  patent leathers make all difference. The Capri Ballerina is outfitted with an adjustable lace which gives it an incomparable comfort and ease to wear and gives the perfect fitting. It has a  very smooth foot bed and the fine sole is highly resistant.

LOLO reflects the charm and elegance of its designer who strives to capture the essence  and the purity of each shoe. Contrasts and harmony: with meticulously selected leathers in a delicate rainbow of colours, extraordinary textures and detailed embellishments, LOLO creates a subtle play of contrasts which adds the subdued elegance of the collection.

A combination of dream and reality drives the brand.

The Brand

LOLO Ballerina is a creation of Belgian-Italian designer Barbara Giaclina,  whose own personality fully embodies every aspect of her creation.

Barbara discovered her love for beauty and elegance at a very early age. She has always had a passion for “style” in a  sweet mix of charm and a little twist of nonchalance.

Barbara is inspired by everything that surrounds her. Passionate about art, architecture and so much more, she has an eye for genuinely authentic aspects of harmonious everyday life. She loves to capture the essence, which she does in her very own way by listening to her feelings and intuitions. This is exactly what  makes LOLO Ballerina so unique, so irresistible, so strong.