leopard ballerina flat leopard ballerina flat

Volcano Cavallino Ballerina Leopardo


Embody "fierceness"  with the Leopard Volcano Ballerina’s

Our Volcano ballerina is handcrafted in Italy with the softest high-quality Cavalino. This retro ballerina flat features a leather sole with a stacked heel and an adjustable lace which can be tightened to the feet by means of a string tie. Volcano, for a retro-chic everyday way! With their soft sheen, rich color and elegant flair, our Cavalino hair shoes add a luxurious touch to any woman’s wardrobe.


Composition: High-quality Cavalino /  Leather Lining, Leather Sole

Heel Height: 0.28 in / 7 mm   /  Adjustable lace  /  Made in Italy


The ballet flat sizes slightly bigger, we advise to take half a size smaller than your usual size (i.e. if you have a 38, take a 37,5).

Size chart


Our Cavalino ballerinas are made with a protective film which makes them water and dust repellent. Cavalino is known for being ultra-soft, of high-quality, and for its longevity. If your ballerinas would happen to get wet or dirty, we suggest letting the velvet dry completely before trying to clean the stain. It’s a great idea to apply a protective spray to prevent future stains, even if it won’t make your shoes completely waterproof.

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